IMG_2423Ear Virginia is a small business only interested in providing the best custom fitted hearing protection. There are several styles designed to address varied budgetary and application levels, but you will get NO off the shelf muffs or foam plugs here. Custom-fit units offer the best of both worlds as they are fit to each individuals ear for a comfortable fit and increased enjoyment for longer periods of time. The “off-the-shelf” units each hold their own benefits and advantages, but nothing beats a perfect fit!.  Whatever you chose from Instamold to electronic, we are here to help you with what you need to protect your hearing for years to come.
0002_SwirlHandleCord-e1424902422150We hope to bring a better experience to enhancing your outside sound levels while keeping your hearing protected during your active interests.
All Electronic Earplug Series feature certifiable compression and are sold as assistive listening devices, not hearing aids.
If you are interested in any form of ear protection/improvement please don’t hesitate to call. We are a full service distributor and can meet you or your group at any location.
     Thanks and don’t forget to protect your hearing!